Text people while online with “Google Voice”

Google Voice app. Source: Android Market

I love Google Voice! Google Voice allows you to access and control all of your phone calls, voice mail, and text messages online (like while on a computer). With G.V., you can have one phone number dial multiple phones at once (i.e. your house, work, cell phone, etc). You can also set up different voice mail greetings for specified groups; so now you can have an official and a personal voice mail on the same phone. It also allows you to view your call and text history online, but why stop there? Read on for more information on G.V.

Google Voice allows you to text and make phone calls from your online control panel! You can even access your texts and phone call data from your Gmail account (check out Google Labs in the Gmail settings). Another nice add-on is the ability to record incoming phone calls, but beware of stalkers! I also like how they save all of your text messages so that in a couple of years you can look back at all of your old messages and see what it was you were talking about (when I looked at my text messages from a year ago, I saw how excited I was to get the Google Nexus One…how time flies!) Don’t forget that this app is completely FREE!

Does all of this sound a little too good to be true? Well, unless you’re a Sprint customer, it kind of is. Sprint has recently integrated G.V. into their line-up of phones, but for every other carrier you’ll need to have two separate phone numbers. One number is your regular phone number that you use now and the second is a number that Google provides you (for free).

Although having two numbers is oftentimes a pain, the benefits of Google Voice outweigh the costs. The biggest downside of having two phone numbers is trying to remember which one you called/texted certain people with. Usually, the people that I talk to most often save both my phone numbers to eliminate any confusion. But because the Google Voice number is technically a permanent phone number, I usually give my G.V. number to people who I rarely see, that way if I ever switch cellphone carriers, and subsequently phone numbers, I can always set up my G.V. account to use on my new phone.

Screenshot of Google Voice on Android. Source: Android Market

Google Voice is available for Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS (iPhones), and BlackBerry devices. On the negative side, I do wish the app had a better user interface. For example, in the Android version you have to press the ‘menu’ button to find the option to create a new text. My biggest complaint about Google Voice is its inability to send and receive MMS (picture/video messages).  Aside from those two complaints, I LOVE Google Voice and would recommend it to anybody willing to go through the initial adjustment of having two phone numbers (unless you’re on Sprint).


  • Total control of calls, voice mail, and text messages while online
  • Available for many operation systems


  • No MMS sending/receiving
  • Poor user interface

To create your Google Voice account click here

You can download the Google Voice Android App here

Give your input!

Everybody is different and has different expectations and uses for an app, so please feel free to post pros and cons about Google Voice and I may add them to the list!


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  1. Can someone please tell me how to invite people to Google Voice? Don’t tell me people can’t others to Google Voice, because that’s how I got my account, someone invited me. But now I want to invite someone, how do i do it? please help, thanks.iPhone Release

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