Should you buy the T-Mobile G2x now, or wait for the HTC Sensation?

HTC Sensation

I’m sure many smartphone enthusiasts out there can agree that the next big thing in the cellular world is the inclusion of multi-core processors in future smartphones. With the recent release of the T-Mobile G2x by LG, many potential buyers were met with a difficult dilemma when HTC announced that their new multimedia powerhouse, the Sensation, is set for a summer release here in the US on T-Mobile. So would it be wise to wait for the Sensation and go with the tried-and-true Taiwanese manufacturer, or buy the G2x now and see if LG’s ready for the high-end arena? Here I present what I feel are the most important aspects that you should consider when deciding. So if you care to hear me out, hit the break and read on!

T-Mobile G2x by LG

Processor – Both the Sensation and G2x sport dual-core processors, albeit with different clock speeds and perhaps more importantly, different manufacturers. The G2x utilizes Nvidia’s impressive Tegra 2 dual-core processor (1 GHz), a popular choice amongst many recent Android tablets and smartphones. The Sensation continues HTC’s loyalty to Qualcomm and will weld their new dual-core Snapdragon processor that will be running at a scorching 1.2 GHz. There’s no doubt that both processors are fast enough to power their respective devices, but perhaps the main difference will be in the gaming department.

Nvidia has worked to make its name synonymous to graphics and gaming performance, so it should come as no surprise that this is definitely their home turf. Gaming on recent Tegra 2 equipped devices has looked marvelous, but Qualcomm seems confident that their new Snapdragon will not only be able to hang, but also outperform Tegra. Only time will tell I guess. We simply cannot decide on a winner in this first round of major specs, so choose your poison.

The HTC Sensation's 4.3 inch qHD display is gorgeous

Display – Another major difference between the G2x and Sensation are their displays, which in my opinion are equally as important as a their processors. The G2x shields itself with a 4 inch IPS display with 800 x 480 resolution. Although its sharpness and colors are admirable, the lack of an extra 0.3 inch may cause many to choose the Sensation’s screen instead. Although Steve Jobs believes that devices with displays larger than the iPhone’s measly 3.5 inch screen are obnoxiously big, owners of the EVO 4G and Droid X (and there are many of them) are living proof that consumers enjoy and want smartphones with larger screens. The Sensation’s screen (4.3 inch) is not only larger than the G2x’s, it’s also a qHD display with 960 x 540 resolution, so you can expect quite a good looking screen that should be very visually pleasing. In addition, both displays are protected by Corning’s increasingly popular Gorilla Glass. With its larger size and higher resolution display, the Sensation takes this round.

HTC's unibody construction

Hardware – I believe that Apple has the best hardware design of any smartphone manufacturer. Like it or not, the iPhone 4 is one sexy beast. Whether you think the glass covering is a dumb idea or not, many average consumers and phone nerds alike can agree that the phone simply looks amazing. With that said, to represent Team Android well, upcoming Android smartphones need to LOOK just as good as they perform. Many people believe that the G2x is a great piece of hardware with a beautiful design, but I personally love HTC’s unibody construction. To me, HTC’s hardware design is the only one that can rival that of Apple’s. Some may like their phones light and thin (meaning plastic material), but I prefer hefty phones made of premium material (like metal). The Sensation takes this round too as it simply looks a lot better than the G2x…in my opinion (this is a blog right?)

New custom lockscreens on HTC Sense 3.0

Software – Our last bit of discussion lies here in the software category. There are basically two types of Android fanboys: those that are Android purists and will not use any device that isn’t running stock Android, and those who don’t mind custom UIs on top of Android. Let it be known that I personally like custom UIs. I think they bring much needed polish and functionality to Android. Don’t get me wrong, Android as it is built by Google is great. It brings a plethora of features and functionality that other operating systems (*cough* iOS) does not offer (no fanboyism here, simply stating the facts). Although my previous statement is true, there are many aspects of Android that could be improved upon and that is exactly the point of custom UIs. Sure, some UIs like Motoblur are extremely laggy, but others like Sense and TouchWiz aren’t too bad. If we have phones that have the horsepower to make sure the experience isn’t laggy, isn’t it a good thing to have the added features of custom UIs? With that said, I’d choose HTC Sense over stock Android on a superphone any day. Sensation wins again.

Conclusion – Now I know that it seems like I’m being a little bias towards the Sensation, but honestly, I’m simply basing all my decisions on the hard facts and reasoning that I have provided above. All in all, the G2x is an AWESOME device, but the Sensation will be better. Now whether or not the difference between the two is great enough for you to wait a few months to get the Sensation is totally your decision. There are a bunch of other specs that you should probably go research and compare between the two devices before formulating a final decision. I have simply brought to your attention what I believe are the major features that are important when deciding on a new smartphone and how one is better than the other in these categories. Happy hunting!

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  1. Oh. And I just want to add that I agree that this article is undoubtedly biased in favor of the HTC Sensation.

    The sentence “All in all, the G2x is an AWESOME device, but the Sensation will be better” pretty easily determines this.

    For, it is simply impossible to know which will be better overall until the HTC is released. Unless of course the only criteria that matters is a larger screen and the “unibody construction” (which even still we can;t be totally sure about until the finalized version of this phone comes out…).

  2. While the intentions of this article are good, I think it is pretty useless to compare a phone that is currently available (LG G2X) with one that has not yet been released (HTC Sensation).

    With the G2X, we know exactly how snappy it will feel, how well it will run 3D games and other apps, etc. With the HTC Sensation, this is all purely conjecture until the release software is finalized.

    Furthermore, while we are aware of some of the concerning “birthing” pains of the G2X (ie, screen bleeding, reception, rebooting issues), this is all up in the air regarding the Sensation.

    So while we can be sure the HTC will have a larger screen and perhaps somewhat nicer construction due to using more metal, everything else – such as comparing 768mb RAM in one vs 512mb in the other, etc – at this point does nobody any real good.

    I look forward to an update to this article when the HTC Sensation is actually released.

  3. Can this phone be used as a mobile hotspot(wifi)?

  4. I had the G2X and returned it. The barry life is HORRIBLE!!! I mean, it MIGHT get 12 hours sitting on a table not being used. I got more like 5-6 hours with regular use….3-4 hours with heavy use.

    The screen was very responsive and it was definitely blazing fast, but a lot of programs would crash regularly, even the stock browser. There were some other “buggy” qualities to it, and I really missed having AT LEAST one or two physical buttons for camera, and maybe an assignable convenience key.

    There are videos of the Sensation 4G on youtube and it looks just as fast as the G2X when it comes to screen transitions and opening programs, but the Sense UI is gorgeous and has some very nice navigation functions (ie. pinch zoom for tiles/home screens).

    Also, consider that the Sensation 4G has .3 inches more of screen real estate but is only a tiny bit larger. That’s a big WIN for the Sensation IMHO

  5. Great article. Curious as to your thoughts about each phone’s memory.

    Oh and btw, fellow readers, bias is not when someone has an informed opinion different than your own. Now go back to watching Fox News. 🙂

    • I think the amounts of RAM on each device (512 MB on G2x, and 768 MB on Sensation) will result in equal performance because although the G2x has a smaller amount of RAM, stock Android shouldn’t be too memory-intensive. On the other hand, the Sensation has 768 MB, but Sense 3.0 looks like it’ll need a lot of memory to keep it running smoothly. So in terms of speed due to RAM, I think both devices should be pretty much equal…although I think the Sensation’s 768 MB might not be enough to ensure a perfectly smooth experience on Sense 3.0. I believe 1 GB of RAM might be needed for this to happen. As a result, we might see some random lag and hiccups here and there, but I guess only time will tell.

  6. You could at least base your biased decisions on actual Arm 8 vs Arm 9 facts between the processors.

    The 1.2 GHz Sensation Processor is very much slower than the 1 GHz G2X Processor, we’ll see when both devices are out which one is fastest while not draining the battery with Sense 3.0.

    • The extra 200 mHz on the Sensation might have a negligible increase (or decrease) in performance when compared to the G2x. Along with stock Android, the G2x would probably feel snappier than the Sensation, but since the Sensation isn’t out yet, we can’t assume right away that the G2x is faster, which is why I didn’t decide a winner in the processor category. I’m pretty sure the battery life on the Sensation will take a hit thanks to Sense 3.0, but from what I’ve been hearing and reading on, the G2x seem to have “poor” battery life too, but then again, all the phones I’ve ever used has always made it through a 12-hour period. It all comes down to the user. No big deal here.

      • I can absolutely say that the G2X has the faster processor. Not only is the G2X already out, and the Sensation is not, but Benchmark scores for the Sensation are already scoring considerably lower than the G2X.

        What’s better with the Sensation? Recording at 1080p on the G2X will net you 24 FPS, 30 on The Sensation. The instant photo capture is a great feature, the qHD screen with a higher pixel count is better than the G2X.

        That said, the Sensation isn’t the only phone with a qHD screen, in fact the Atrix is already out and has one.

        So, camera capabilities? That’s it?

        I can skip a day of charging my G2X with regular use, but it has never given me “poor” battery life.

  7. Nice article but the author seems to be a little bios towards the HTC Sensation. I owned the HTC HD 2 and the HTC HD7. I must say HTC has some of the best cameras on a phone the pictures come out amazing. I recently picked up the G2X and the phone is awesome! I decided to get it because I wanted to 1 see how a slightly smaller phone would feel since all my other phones where 4.3 inches and the G2X is 4 inches. 2 In all the bench mark test the G2X always out performed the Sensation in speed test. 3 I also wanted stock /vanilla android since it seems that these custom UI’s make it harder to receive updates. 4 The costume UI also slow the phone down with their heavy over lay. 5 HTC Sensation is thicker and heavier phone then the G2X.

    In any event both phones will be great but I’ll be sticking with my G2X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We all decide which phones to get based on our own PERSONAL needs, and by what you’ve stated as your needs, I completely agree that the G2x was the right decision for YOU. Bias is based on personal choice, so as long as your reasoning as to why you like a certain thing makes sense, there shouldn’t be any doubt in the “bias” right?

  8. Lovely article. I just played with the g2x today and wow the system is fast and the screen is beautiful. I have been infatuated with the sensation and been checking YouTube for real reviews so the software can be exposed. As I’ve been looking, the sensation seems like one of the slowest sense phones I’ve seen. Have to seen the transitions from screen to screen? Not the fastest and it has 1gb of internal storage and 768mb of memory.. all of those apps are going to bog the phone down. The few quadrant benchmarks ran on this device scored like 1300… horrible for a dual core processor and I think its because of the memory. The g2x scores like 2800… the video camera records horrible and frame rates are not 30fps… the g2x video footage looks better. I really want to wait for the sensation and I think I will but I am not enthusiastic about it because of the recent YouTube footage.

  9. I was eyeing both phones. I was looking,towards the option of a G2, Galaxy S 4G, or a MyTouch 4G, then the G2X. The dual core processor on the G2X and the on board memory and 8mp camera were alluring. Then I heard about the sensation. More powerful than the G2X andi like the fact that it is aluminim, and it has sense, which has spoiled me on the myTouch 3G Slide. It so happens that I have managed to have broken my Mytouch Slide and needed to get another phone. I could’ve went to a MyTouch 4G but the dual core and 8GB onboard took the cake. So I am back to vanilla android by default. I can say that I am very very content. I was warned of possible glitches bit so far nom

  10. g2x has a clear advantage of having an unlocked bootloader… the sensation will come with a locked bootloader.

    LOL@liking custom ui’s on a superphone.

  11. I love the article, so straight to the point, I would take the sensation of the g2x …

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